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  • Access to the Love Spa (The Best On-Line Love School in the World) private members area 24/7 for 1 month
  • 3 increadible ebooks for life to enhance your know how and fulfillment as a lover (1000 Years of Sexual Wisdom, How to Have the Best Sex Ever, and Fit for Love with audio set)
  • A bonus gift of the important Rank Yourself as a Lover Survey
  • An additional bonus gift of Personal Feedback on Your Lover Survey when you send in your completed survey to
  • Please note the Sacred Love Special is $197 for you.
  • Please complete the form information below and submit to receive this special package.
  • To cancel the Love Spa membership do so before the end of the term period (within 1 month of the date of purchase) as simply detailed at the bottom of this form.

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