Sacred Lover Kit

Sacred Love Special $197

Transform Your Life as a Lover

     Do you want to pick up a couple of new irresistible sex secrets and open up to who you really have dreamed of being as a lover? This Sacred Love Special:  Sacred Lover Kit, is designed to transform your life as a lover. You will learn fun techniques and gain skills to create a lasting passionate and meaningful union.
      Throughout teaching Sacred Love to people around the world, I have realized that each individual has the potential to be a great lover. But often we just don't know how to bring that potential out. Fear of being embarrassed, too forward, or seen as inadequate, can keep the great lover inside of you hidden. Or you may "over do it" and instead of exciting your lover you turn them off.
     If you can relate to any of these fears or experiences you are not alone.
     This Sacred Love Special:  Sacred Lover Kit, contains everything you need to recharge your passions whether you are exploring with a new partner, or you are in a long term relationship, or you are just looking to manifest the right one.
     By utilizing these sexy, love enhancing tools you too can have the sizzling, passionate love life you desire!
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1-month Membership to Love Spa — Best Love School in the World

     Love Spa provides the love education to help you grow personally as a lover, and you can experience more romance and intimacy than ever before. Love Spa audio and visual menu selections range between 3 and 30 minutes in length, always making it easily accessible to fit into your busy schedule.

  • Learn How to Love Now
  • Learn Great Lover Skills
  • Quick Self Confidence-Boosting Methods
  • Successful How to Date Practices
  • Guided Love Lessons
  • Attracting and Choosing the Right Partner
  • Opening Your Heart Again
  • Watch and Learn from Visually Beautiful, Sexual Intimacy Techniques to Apply Instantly
Sacred Lover Kit $197 

How to Have the Best Sex Ever eBook

  • Learn The Differences Between a Great Lover and an Average Lover
  • Feel "In Love"
  • Feel "Passion"
  • Feel "Sexually Excited!"
  • Gain Confidence, Art and Skill as a Lover
  • Set the Mood for Spontaneous Romance
  • Create Your Own Sumptuous Love Rituals
  • Learn the Secrets of the Heart and the Tongue
  • Have Mind Altering Love Play
  • Discover the Secret of Pleasure Breathing
  • Awaken to Soulful and Ecstatic Sex
  • Recreate Great Sex Again and Again

1000 Years of Sexual Wisdom eBooks

     For thousands of years people from all over the world have been exploring fun and meaningful sexual practices. Learn about the significance these rituals held and how you can incorporate these practices into your own life. This ebook will teach you about these cultural and historical practices and give you step by step instructions to bring your sexual relationship and capacity for intimacy to "the next level."

     Learn about:

  • Tantra of India
  • Temple Rites of the Middle East
  • Ancient Egyptian Sex Magic
  • Greece and Rome Love Rituals
  • Chivalric romantic tradition of Western Europe.
  • Nature-based sexuality of Native Shamanic
  • Nordic sexual practices
  • Spice Up Your Love Life
  • Open Up to More Pleasure Possibilities
  • Initiate and Respond with Your Lover Anew
  • Let Go of Sexual Shame
  • Enhance Sexual Desire and Extend Lovemaking
  • Share Fresh Excitement about Intimacy
  • Awaken to Soulful and Ecstatic Sex
Sacred Lover Kit $197 

Fit for Love eBook and 3 Audio Package

     Inspired by Tai Chi, Yoga, and Kung Fu this 97 page eBook contains 37 easy-to-follow love and intimacy enhancing movements with complimentary color photographs. By using this Fit for Love eBook you can have the dynamic, healthy, passionate relationship you desire! Each download is one hour long and MP3 compatible.

Part One, Opening the Body to Love
  • Increase Love in Your Heart
  • Increase Sensuality in Your Body
  • Let go of Physical Tension and Inhibitions to Love
  • Let go of Past Heartaches
Part Two Increasing Sexual Vitality and Sexual Healing
  • Enhance Sexual Desire
  • Enhance Sexual Stamina
  • Activate Spontaneity
  • Heal Sexual Trauma
Part Three, Opening to Pleasure and Ecstasy
  • Heighten Sexual Sensitivity
  • Discover New Pleasure Zones
  • Increase Orgasmic Pleasure
  • Experience Sexual, Emotional, Spiritual Bliss

1st Bonus Gift: Rank Yourself As a Lover Survey

     No more guessing or projecting or proclaiming or undervaluing yourself. Get clarity once and for all about yourself as a Lover to move forward to success in your love life.

2nd Bonus Gift Karinna’s Personal Survey Review and Feedback

     Personal Review and Feedback on your Survey when you send a completed Survey to Feedback will direct you to the best next steps and practices specific to you

The Sacred Lover Kit Offers You:

  • Entire “Love Spa" Audio/Visual Menu
  • 1000 Years of Sexual Wisdom
  • How to Have the Best Sex Ever
  • Fit for Love
  • 2 great bonus gifts
  • Quick Self Confidence-Boosting Methods
  • Successful How to Date Practices
  • Guided Love Lessons such us Attracting and Choosing the Right Partner, Opening Your Heart Again, Enriching Communication within Your Relationship
  • Step by Step Relationship Advice and Marriage Advice 
  • Great Lover Skills
  • Visually Beautiful, Sexual Intimacy Enhancing Techniques for Couples
  • A Complete Love School to Experience More Love and Intimacy Right Now

Sacred Lover Kit
 Sacred Love Special $197