Fit For Love E-book and Audio Workouts

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  • Testimonies:

    "I feel that my prayers have been answered as far as finding a tool that works for me. I had the best sexual experience with my husband with no inhibitions or my mind getting in the way, I was completely free and experienced complete ecstasy. Anyone reading this that can relate must get Karinna’s e-book which has the exercises I am writing about. Karinna’s book is about the healing aspects of sexuality and love and has helped me to realize that sex is a good thing not a bad thing." 

    "Participating in the exercises was a blast and very healing.  Thanks for all of your energy and great work." 
    -- Katherine, Marketing Associate, First Pacific Advisors, Inc., Los Angeles, CA

    "Participating in the exercise was a blast and very healing.  Thanks for all your energy and great work."
    -- Crescent, Psychotherapist
    "Participating in the exercises was a blast and very healing.  Thanks for all of your energy and great work." 
    -- Crescent, Psychotherapist
    -- Crescent, Psychotherapist

    "While doing the practices in 'Fit for Love' I experienced a lot of old emotions releasing from the past relationship I had ended a year before, allowing me to come to closure and finally move on."
    -- M.P., Screenwriter

    "Fit for Love exercises bring an exclamation point of aliveness and a smile that is speechless into the language of the body."
    -- Russell

    Fit for Love is inspired by Tai Chi, Yoga, and Kung Fu.

    This 97 page e-book contains 37 easy-to-follow love and intimacy enhancing movements with complimentary color photographs.

    By using Fit for Love you can have the dynamic, healthy, passionate relationship you desire!

    Note: Fit for Love can be practiced individually or with your partner for even more fun and fulfillment!

    Karinna will also guide you through the exercises personally?

    Audio Downloads are Available in the Fit For Love Workout Series!

    Each download is one hour long and MP3 compatible. They can be practiced separately or in combination throughout the week.

    Part One, Opening the Body to Love

    • Increase Love in Your Heart
    • Increase Sensuality in Your Body
    • Let go of Physical Tension and Inhibitions to Love
    • Let go of Past Heartaches

    Part Two Increasing Sexual Vitality and Sexual Healing

    • Enhance Sexual Desire
    • Enhance Sexual Stamina
    • Activate Spontaneity
    • Heal Sexual Trauma

    Part Three, Opening to Pleasure and Ecstasy

    • Heighten Sexual Sensitivity
    • Discover New Pleasure Zones
    • Increase Orgasmic Pleasure
    • Experience Sexual, Emotional, Spiritual Bliss

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Fit For Love E-book and Audio Workouts