1000 Years of Sexual Wisdom E-book

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  • Your modern Kama Sutra e-book


    Thank you! I look forward to this information and how it will enhance my journey and relationships.
    - Simeon

    You've got my attention.  Where in the world would my Oyster be?
    - Dedra

    New Release: 1000 Years of Sexual Wisdom, by Karinna Karsten, internationally recognized relationship expert and author of Intimate Wisdom, The Sacred Art of Love, compiles the most exciting and relevant information about the world’s ancient sexual histories, rites, and techniques all together in this one, ground-breaking book. It’s the perfect gift for today's inquisitive, adventurous lovers who wish to bring their sexual relationship and capacity for intimacy to "the next level."

    This product is for you if you are ready to...

    • Explore Fun and Meaningful Sexual Practices from All Over the World
    • Learn Kama Sutra Techniques
    • Become a More Educated and Skillful Lover
    • Spice Up Your Love Life
    • Open Up to More Pleasure Possibilities
    • Initiate and Respond with Your Lover Anew
    • Let Go of Sexual Shame
    • Enhance Sexual Desire and Extend Lovemaking
    • Share Fresh Excitement about Intimacy
    • Awaken to Soulful and Ecstatic Sex

    1000 Years of Sexual Wisdom’s sweeping narrative offers its readers a journey of initiation into a millennium of sexual wisdom. It begins with the most ancient known texts on intimacy and sexuality, China's Tao of Love and India's Tantra. It then observes the Temple Rites of the Middle East and Ancient Egypt. It moves west to the tales of Gods and Goddesses in Greece and Rome and explores the chivalric romantic tradition of Western Europe. The book delves into the nature-based sexuality of Native Shamanic cultures and closes with a glimpse at both ancient and modern Nordic sexual practices.

    Readers will learn how to use these timeless ideas to enhance joy and pleasure, restore emotional and sexual excitement, and build a better relationship as they dive into this fun, page-turning journey.

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1000 Years of Sexual Wisdom E-book